Azerconnect provides wide range of services in line with international standards in the areas of ICT and high technology. One of the main priorities of business activity of Azerconnect, which employs almost 1400 local and international professionals, is to bring the most successful global experience and optimal solutions to the area of Information Technologies to Azerbaijan.


We are standing out with our dynamic approach and passion to initiate. In these times of fast changes, we constantly work on improving all areas of our business – from services to processes. And we aspire to expand our horizon thanks to innovations, successful strategy and talented people. 


Our mission is to provide full range of centralized services by delivering the most innovative and flexible solutions to meet different customer needs, and to serve as a reliable partner by constantly improving our business processes.


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Currently, we deliver a variety of services to the companies that are active in technologies and telecommunications sector. Our customers are mobile and fixed-line operators, internet-telecommunications services providers, and other companies representing ICT and other business areas.

We are flexible and able to react to modern business processes on time. Challenging career opportunities along with high-class experience of internal and external customers are among our main advantages.

We are proud of our achievements and do hope that our future endeavors will have an even greater positive impact on the ICT industry of Azerbaijan. 


We create a challenging and engaging work environment for our employees by putting customers at the heart of everything we do! We show dignity, respect and caring attitude to all our stakeholders.

By choosing Azerconnect as your workplace, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Engaging, competitive and challenging work environment
  • Opportunity to work in telecommunication industry
  • Work in a professional team
  • Career development opportunities
  • Reward and Recognition program


We strongly believe that every employee’s action, regardless of their position or title, has the potential to impact our reputation, which is why professional excellence is a prerequisite.

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Address: 153 Netchilar Avenue | AZ1010, Baku, Azerbaijan
Port Baku Towers, South Tower, 10th Floor
Email: info@azerconnect.az

P.: +994 12 310 13 13